Hi Dale,

Don’t know if you recall or not, but we corresponded a bit via PM over on WarriorTalk. I was recently asking you questions about your Ehud holster and such. Well, I recently was able to pick one up for my compact Glock and I just wanted to THANK YOU for making such a beautiful holster! It’s gorgeous! I really mean that. I was so excited to get it and do a bit of dry fire/drawing with it and I’m just amazed at how fast and smooth it is. And all this with not even practicing much so far with it (YET!). It just seems so natural using AIWB.

Anyway, God Bless you and thanks so much! Wow! I can’t wait to get off work and do some more dry practice!!!


Hi Dale,

Got the replacement mag carrier today. It’s the correct one and works perfectly. You sir, are a model businessman! I will never go any where else for my Kydex™ needs.

Thanks again and best regards.



I have practiced a little with your holster. What a huge difference over my old IWB single clip attachment holster! Getting a sure grip was never certain, especially if moving off the X. The draw also seems faster than from leather. You’ve done a great job. Also, I realize that you were kind enough to include the magazine holder at no charge.

Thank You Sir,