The Nehemiah© is a new to our (IWB) Inside the Waistband Holster family. The Nehemiah was specifically designed to meet the needs of those Appendix Carry doesn’t work for, providing great concealment in Strong Side Carry as well as the speed of draw and retention. We changed the design of the dual snap belt loops to a 15 degree cant to offer the operator a full firing grip and added concealment.

Additionally a tuckable plate can be added as the tuckable feature is important for some end-users, it does add some bulk to the overall holster. The Nehemiah does not feature a tuckable design and is intended to be worn with a shirt-tails out concealment. The holster itself is very minimal in design and rides very comfortably inside the waistband. The result is a slim-line holster with reduced dimensions and yet just as secure and fast as our other KYDEX® predecessors.

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Nehemiah Strong Side Carry© IWB Holster


Hard Loop Installation

For those who prefer a Kydex® Hard Loop instead of Pull the Dot Belt Loops.

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