The Gabriel© is our New Red Dot Sight (RDS) IWB Strong Side Carry holster. It’s new to our IWB Holster family for your red dot sight pistols. The Gabriel© provides great concealment in Strong Side Carry as well as the speed of draw and retention. Our design of the dual snap belt loops has a 15 degree cant to offer the operator a full firing grip and added concealment.

The Gabriel© is intended to be worn with a shirt-tails out concealment. The holster itself is very minimal in design and rides very comfortably inside the waistband. The result is a slim-line holster with reduced dimensions and yet just as secure and fast as our other KYDEX® predecessors.

If you’re interested in a tuckable version of this holster, check out the Gabriel 2©!

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Gabriel© Red Dot Sight IWB Strong Side Carry Holster



Hard Loop Installation

For those who prefer a Kydex® Hard Loop instead of Pull the Dot Belt Loops.